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Oshawa council’s $100,000 question

June 2, 2015

Dear Editor, It’s a legitimate question. Why do eight City of Oshawa councillors take a substantial bonus, totalling $100,000 per term, from the city’s coffers? [...]

An unfair attack

May 26, 2015

Dear Editor, Recently, MP Colin Carrie distributed an extremely misleading document to constituents in Oshawa, calling into question transparency of members involved with [...]

Can’t do one without the other

May 26, 2015

Dear Editor, In regards to a letter May 13 concerning a “social safety net,” the writer claims it is something most Canadians desire. Most of us would agree that a safety [...]

Where the money comes from

May 12, 2015

Dear Editor, Your paper’s recent article about the mayor and councillor’s election campaign spending was good as far as it went. But missing was any reporting on [...]

A sign of things to come

May 12, 2015

Dear Editor, The election victory of the NDP in Alberta sends a clear message to all politicians. When given the choice of a few dollars in their pockets or a viable social [...]

What’s going on in Baltimore?

May 5, 2015

Dear Editor, I can understand being upset over a man’s death in custody. I cannot understand what looting or fires have to do with anything. I have been in a few protests [...]

Support Ryan’s Law

April 28, 2015

Dear Editor, The death of Ryan Gibbons, who would have turned 15 on April 4, was a terrible reminder that asthma is a serious disease that kills hundreds of Canadians every [...]

A different way of looking at things

April 28, 2015

Dear Editor, Plenty of criticism has been levied at last week’s federal budget. Rather than just criticizing the budget, I want to take a new approach by telling people [...]
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