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Young people told to just vote

Dear Editor,

Recently I watched a documentary called “Why Young People Don’t Vote.”

I thought this documentary would give me more reasons or the answer to the question why young people don’t vote. Alas, it was not to be.

The film found out why young people don’t vote, and it concluded the same thing I have in several letters to the editor! Young people are disillusioned with every government, not just our own.

I thought this film would have some further insights as to the problem, but there was absolutely nothing that I didn’t already know, and no answers to the question.

We as Baby Boomers have to insist that young people vote. Millennials are going to be the only generation that have more unwanted politicians in power because they do not vote. The film I saw told the story of why young people don’t vote. They are disillusioned with the governments in power (on both sides of the border).

A lot of them say they don’t vote because they think their vote does not matter. Please young people, vote – you may find yourself with a government that will pass a law stating students must pay even more for much needed post-secondary education, and then you will never get out of that debt.

One vote can make a difference and that vote may be yours. Remember it takes an entire village to vote out the unwanted, and vote in someone who will change the laws. It will take some time for this to happen, but please, please do not get disillusioned with the vote and get out there and just do it. The reason I said Baby Boomers should have their stay-at-home adult children vote or they can’t stay at home is so they will vote. After all, how many of your adult children vote?

Ron Horner