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NDP has gone off course

Dear Editor,

“He saw a country wracked by poverty, illiteracy and disease. So he lead a revolution that uplifted the lives of millions. RIP #FidelCastro.”

This is a tweet that the federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh sent out in 2016 on the date of the death of communist Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

To this day, Singh has not even deleted the tweet.

We all know that the NDP have tried to escape the “socialist” label that has been put on them for years now, and Singh is not doing himself any favours by praising oppressive communist “heroes” who have committed significant, horrific crimes.

During Castro’s rule, thousands of Cubans were incarcerated, harassed, intimidated, denied political freedoms and liberties, and were forced to pledge their allegiance to the state without being able to criticize it through the non-existent “free press.”

We are already seeing remnants of this in Canada, where censorship is prominent and the fining of those who share so-called “fake news,” or the news that explores the other side of things, is happening already.

The NDP promises free education, free healthcare, free everything… which is exactly what Castro did. He was once considered to be a champion of the poor who brought free education and healthcare to many.

But that suddenly turned into a deprivation of human rights to the masses by big government.

It is a shame that Singh has not tried to distance himself from this violent ideology. Socialism never works, and it looks like the NDP are trying to bring it to Canada.


Alyshah Velji