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More on Liberal spending

Dear Editor,

I read the letter by John Peate, “In defence of Liberal spending” in the Aug. 14 edition of the Oshawa Express.

I was amazed how a ‘deer in the headlight’ liberal could spew all that praise towards Ontario Liberal rule over the a span of 15 years.

He believes all that excess spending and debt building was actually investing in Ontario’s future. Every dollar was spent on desperately needed programs. It seems debt is actually good for a healthy economy. Our debt to GDP is at a very healthy 37 per cent. Excellent liberal money management.

The problem with that ratio is it requires a healthy economy. What happens if we slip into a recession?

I’ve spoken to many die hard liberals and they seem to have no concerns over debt and deficit financing. Everybody does it they say, just look at the US, $21 trillion in debt and counting.

The warm fuzzy feeling and never ending sunshine liberals feel won’t go on forever. But by that time it will be too late. The incredible damage will already be done. The good news is my generation should be alright. Too bad for the rest.

Ray Arpin