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The lesson behind the Adam and Eve story

December 14, 2017

We all recall the story Adam and Eve.  Biblical scholars will tell you that it is an allegory (a story that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral [...]

Are your kids addicted to Facebook?

December 6, 2017

By Bill Fox/Columnist Facebook co-founder Sean Parker let us know what’s really going on and how apps like Facebook are wired to have you addicted.  He was [...]

The road to happiness

November 28, 2017

By Bill Fox/Columnist As mentioned in a previous column Dan Buettner has been working for years to identify hot spots around the globe where people enjoy exceptionally long, [...]

Thinking of disconnecting

October 31, 2017

By Bill Fox/Columnist Again today, as most days when I am home, I get two or more phone interruptions.  Most often it is during the dinner hour.  If no one is on the other [...]

A man of courage, and grace too

October 24, 2017

Many Canadians are in mourning after hearing the news that Gord Downie, the lead singer of the Canadian rock band, The Tragically Hip, had passed away at the age of 53 on [...]

Three movies that need to be made

October 24, 2017

By Bill Fox/Columnist I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it is because of my age.  Maybe it is as a result of recent events in Las Vegas.  Whatever the cause, I am really [...]

A list of 35 punny sounds!

October 18, 2017

By Bill Fox/Columnist The fattest knight at King Arthur´s round table was Sir Circumference. He acquired his size from too much pi. I thought I saw an eye-doctor on an [...]

Does this seem strange to anyone else?

October 10, 2017

By Bill Fox/Columnist I loved my dog and in general I love pets, even though I am allergic to cats and most breeds of dogs.  Still I question the actions of eight kind [...]

A Must See! Will Blow Your Mind!

October 4, 2017

By Bill Fox/Columnist I just saw a 2017 documentary on Netflix called “Unacknowledged” that gave me grave concerns.  You might at first think this is about UFOs and how [...]
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