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Get your foot in the door

October 1, 2021

Lindsay Smith By Lindsay Smith/Real Estate Columnist This is an age-old expression. It seems to fit into today’s Real Estate market. Let me explain how. A quick online [...]

Happiness and kindness are related

September 7, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist I believe that courtesy and kindness can help you to live a happier life and to be at peace within yourself. Let me give you an example from [...]

Laughing keeps us well

September 1, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist I invite you to look up what the Mayo Clinic staff have to say about laughing. They start with this quote, “When it comes to relieving [...]

Beware of flying

August 24, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist I have been a big fan of WestJet for many years now. My wife and I have had at least 10 trips out to B.C. with them to visit our eldest son and [...]

Advice for returning back to school

August 17, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist While it may be just a few weeks away, I’m hoping that some of this advice may be posted on some students’ lockers or inside teachers’ [...]
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