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Property tax system isn’t fair

February 15, 2017

Re: “When will the bandage be ripped off?” Feb. 8, 2017 Dear Editor, Budget time is always a good time to lament about the property tax. That lament will not stop until [...]

A joke on drivers

February 9, 2017

Dear Editor, I guess Kathleen Wynn is moving up April Fools Day this year at least as far as the e-test goes. After April 1 this year, Ontarians no longer have to pay the fee [...]

The truth about coal

February 8, 2017

Re: “Liberals need to clean up their mess,” Feb. 1, 2017 Dear Editor, Mr. Hawkins would have done well to research facts before lauding McKittrick’s irresponsible and [...]

Love over hate

February 2, 2017

Dear Editor, On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order blocking immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, and banning Syrian refugees from entering [...]

Liberals need to clean up their mess

February 1, 2017

Re: “Coal plants needed to be closed,” Jan. 25, 2017 Dear Editor, In a letter to the Oshawa Express, Liberal Energy Minister Thibault trashes an extremely thoughtful [...]

Coal plants needed to be closed

January 25, 2017

Dear Editor, Last week, the right-wing Fraser Institute released a report authored by a well-known climate change denier, arguing against reducing greenhouse gas emissions. [...]

Mistakes from years past

January 25, 2017

Dear Editor, I was amused last week when reading Jeff Goodall’s letter to the editor. I have always enjoyed reading Mr. Goodall’s periodic letters to the editor, [...]

Fonda, butt out

January 19, 2017

Dear Editor, I never thought that I would be defending anything Trudeau has done, as so far he has just spent taxpayers’ money like a drunken sailor – no offence to [...]

Congrats on French’s new position

January 17, 2017

Dear Editor, I am delighted to see that Jennifer French’s hard work and dedication have resulted in a significant promotion, although I must say that I do not regard [...]
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