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We need to stop glorifying criminals

January 15, 2019

Dear editor, I am so glad your paper did not glorify the disgusting excuse of human vermin that is Adam Strong, as the newsmaker of the year, and thereby put the families of [...]

A Trump fan through and through

January 15, 2019

Dear Editor, I would like to express my appreciation to The Oshawa Express and to its wise Editor for posting such a truthful letter regarding Mr. Donald Trump in the Jan. 9, [...]

Concerns about Ontario’s Bill 66

January 15, 2019

Dear Editor, Bill 66 is a very complicated and to say the least concerning bill. It is not enough to disable the protective systems we all agreed were good protections after [...]

A positive retrospect on the year 2018

January 8, 2019

Dear Editor, While the general feeling among Canadians seems to be that 2018 was a write-off, it’s important to remember there were some very important successes last year, [...]

Private sector a much better option

January 3, 2019

Dear Editor, If the Canada Postal Service Union is hoping for the public to support them in their quest for more wages and benefits they are going about it in an odd fashion. [...]

Leave trees to serve their natural role

January 3, 2019

Dear Editor, About a week before Christmas, we observed a story on TV of waning Christmas tree sales the last couple of years (regarding real tree sales). All I can say is [...]

Reader muses on GM, recycling

January 3, 2019

Dear Editor, The most important and crucial aspect of the recycling debate in Durham Region is the re-use of the GM Plant and excellent facilities therein, be it Tesla, [...]

Questions on airport feasibility

January 3, 2019

Dear Editor, Durham Region’s web (discoveringdurham/airports), posted their white paper regarding Pickering Airport. These studies reference “capacity” 225 times in a [...]

GM Era is over in City of Oshawa

January 3, 2019

Dear Editor, I would like to express my profound sadness and best wishes in the future to all employees of GM Oshawa who have received the heart wrenching news of the plant [...]
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