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Two sides to every new story

Dear Editor,

Who exactly does the regular columnist Bill Fox think he is actually? He spends a lot of time bad mouthing the elected President of the United States, our closest neighbour, but nevertheless a foreign country.

With all the corruption taking place in our own country at the highest level in Ottawa by our elected `leader’ and his office, why spend your time criticizing a leader of another country? There is plenty of scandal right here at home, where we can actually do something about it, not waste time and ink on howling at somebody you cannot vote against.

One might get the impression Mr. Fox is suffering from what I call “Trump derangement syndrome.”

If he is solely getting his “facts” from CNN, that explains a lot right there. I had CNN removed from my TV line up in my home, as I refuse to subsidize such a biased “news source.” It is such a shame that so many Canadians are subjected to this far-left propaganda machine day in and day out, with more back up by our own CBC liberal propaganda machine that we are forced to subsidize with our tax dollars also, in addition to it being labeled “mandatory carriage” on all our TV viewing lineups, forcing us all to pay more on our cable bills for this “privilege.”

If there was any semblance of fairness involved, Fox News would be part of our mandatory carriage also for a more balanced look at the “news”.

That will never happen as the CRTC would never allow us that freedom of choice, as they chose not to allow the Sun News a few years ago, because they do not want Canadians to have an alternative news source. Only the left wing narrative is allowed, by the likes of CBC, CNN, CTV, and Global. The only way to hear any opposing view on local or world events is by signing up for the FOX News channel and paying a little more, and streaming online the Rebel News. I do both, and feel it is money well spent. No regrets.

It will also ward off that nasty hateful disease called “Trump derangement syndrome.” Go ahead take a chance and get informed.

Remember, there are two sides to every story. Many of you are only hearing one. That is what big brother wants you to hear.

Learn to think for yourself.

Russ Horner