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Humanitarian aid lacking

Dear Editor,

The Global Fund is the largest global effort to eliminate the world’s greatest killers – AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria, and it has been incredibly successful, saving tens of millions of lives, and the fund is due for renewal for another three years.

Japan has recently committed to this renewal and so has the UK, both significantly increasing their amount as requested. South Korea is poised to do the same. But Canada has been silent.

Canada’s contribution rate of development assistance to the Global Fund is among the least of major developed nations. The Trudeau government’s refusal to commit to the requested increase of 16 per cent in critical funding sends a terrible signal to the world, with an impact far greater than the minor amount we are expected to contribute.

Smaller economies around the world watch to see which way the wind is blowing in deciding how much to pledge; Canada’s silence screams volumes to these countries. The Trudeau government must step forward and show the world we can be a trusted partner, and commit its share of funding.

Francis Beckow