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Trudeau needs to go

Dear Editor, 

Again on Aug. 14, Justin Trudeau was found guilty of another ethics violation. That makes two for him in his first term.
No other prime minister has ever been convicted of this offence in Canadian history. Maybe he is trying for a hat trick?
Let’s make certain this is his last term. Enough of this corruption and lies.
He uses the weak excuse that he was just trying to protect jobs when actually, he was just trying to protect his job after Oct. 21.
If he loses many Quebec seats, he will lose his job. It is that simple.
He cared not for the tens of thousands of western jobs lost because of the attack upon the energy industry by him and the NDP.
There will be no job losses anyway if Lavalin folds up their tent in Quebec. Those skilled workers will just find plenty of work with the competition.
With now two guilty verdicts from the Ethics Commissioner against Trudeau, there should be a full investigation by the RCMP.
What more evidence do they need now to start an investigation?
They spent a ton of money and a lot of time investigating Mike Duffy some time ago, but it was found to be a total waste of both time and money in that case, but was used as a club to beat Prime Minister Harper every day on the six o’clock news.
There was no crime in that case, except maybe the disgusting way the mainstream media portrayed it as major crime, but it was actually a farce.
It seems that there is plenty to  investigate in this  case, with Gerald Butts “resigning” then reappearing again recently as if nothing happened.
Plus the resignation of  Micheal Wernick, the Liberal lackey who was very involved in this mess, but was supposed to be the  unbiased head of the public service sector! Plus the hatchet job done on Jody Wilson Raybould, the Attorney General at the time, until Trudeau fired her for speaking truth.
If we have yet to become a banana republic, as it sometimes appears to be, let’s see some real accountability from our law enforcement and judiciary, and prove that we still are a  democracy and get to the bottom of this mess, and punish the lawbreakers.

Russ Horner