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Oshawa Power warning customers of scams

Oshawa Power is warning the public of a scam by a company impersonating the local utility commission.
According to a statement from Oshawa Power, the “aggressive, fraudulent” company is calling customers and demanding payment in cash and requesting people to meet them in obscure places.
Customers are also receiving emails with Oshawa Power’s name, phone number, and a link to pay.
They have also duplicated the utility’s interactive voice response (IVR) phone message, and their call display identifies as Oshawa Power.
Customers are being asked to meet representatives of the fraudulent company at 282 Marland Avenue and the Midtown Mall to make payments.
The fraudulent company’s contact phone number is 1-800-799-0318.
“Oshawa Power will never ask customers to meet them at a variety store or anything of the like, and they do not have self-service kiosks to make payments. Oshawa Power also does not have a toll free number,” the company’s statement reads.
Oshawa Power officials warn the fraudulent company’s “tactics change quickly.”
Customers are encouraged not to engage with them, and to call Durham Regional Police at 905-579-1520.