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We don’t need another fare increase

May 25, 2016

Dear Editor, Why do we need another fare (or unfair?) increase for DRT riders? It seems like every six months, it’s not a “nickel and dime us to death” but rather [...]

In defence of a possible merger

May 25, 2016

Dear Editor, As the Chief Executive Officer of Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation (OPUC), one of the three parties involved in the potential merger of Veridian, OPUC and [...]

Reserve system doesn’t work

May 19, 2016

Dear Editor, Today I heard a statement made by Jean Chretien that is probably the only time him and I agreed on anything. He said in effect, that sometimes people living on [...]

Cannabis dispensary is needed

May 17, 2016

Dear Editor, I was very upset when I read your April 13, 2016 letters to the editor. I am referring to the letter entitled “What happened to the downtown?” Like the [...]

Talking about guns

May 11, 2016

Dear Editor, I hope you and your readers can put up with another letter regarding guns. Specifically, I’m writing,about why and how you would use your guns. What I wanted [...]

Fact check on climate change denial

May 10, 2016

Re: “PC’s going green for votes,” March 29, 2016 “Where is the fiscal responsibility?” April 27, 2016 Dear Editor, I do not know why Patrick Brown has reversed [...]

Energy from waste must have carbon cap

April 28, 2016

Re: “Region seeks cap and trade exemption for incinerator,” April 7, 2016 Dear Editor, The final agreement to build this facility was not signed until November 25, 2010. [...]
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