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In honour of Nancy L. Diamond

Dear Editor,

After years of volunteerism and leadership roles in the Oshawa community, Nancy Diamond finally ran for city council in 1988 and was easily elected. It was at that time, during my frequents forays to city hall, lobbying on behalf of the salvation of the Oshawa Second Marsh, that I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working with this very strong woman with exceptional qualities and integrity. I found her to be intelligent, kind, caring, articulate and sincere – genuine qualities she maintained until her recent passing.

Nancy treated everyone with respect, empathy and understanding, and was always honest in her approach to the issues, and was always prepared to address matters before council, both at Oshawa council and at Durham Region. She treated friend and foe equally, and was always willing to help whenever she could in her usual respectful manner.

Nancy was no stranger to hard work; her knowledge of the issues, her dedication to detail and to procedure was well respected and admired by all of her colleagues and the general public.

Nancy ran for mayor in Oshawa in 1991 and was successful, as expected. I worked for Nancy during her run for mayor that year and in every election she contested since, and I am proud of my participation.

She was a remarkable woman, a strong leader who possessed a great attitude, and should serve as a model to today’s elected officials that seems to have been lost. I had the great honour and pleasure of working with Nancy over the years on the (now successful) Second Marsh saga as well as on other issues.

While Oshawa and Durham Region have suffered a huge loss in the passing of Nancy Diamond, her humour, her infectious smile and her steadfast integrity will never pale, and she will be missed.

To end on a selfish note, I have lost a true friend and special person. I am very sad.

Jim Richards