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Rainbow crosswalks not an essential service

Dear Editor,

Regarding the proposed additional rainbow crossings, I have to agree with Russ Horner.

We have two now in Durham, one of which is at the end of my street, and I think our taxpayers’ money could certainly be better spent.

I am not homophobic, in fact I have had gay friends in the past, including my best man at my first wedding. We have bent over backwards for the gay community with pride parades and Pride Week and Month, so I don’t think we are ostracizing them, in fact, I think we are very tolerant of the gay community, what with rainbow flags etc.

These crossings are very expensive and they really only serve a very small percentage of the community.

I think a solution to the question of rainbow crosswalks would be to have a GoFundMe campaign set up to allow people in favour of the crosswalks to donate the money to build them. That way the people who want them would pay for them, and the rest of the taxpayers would not have to fund something which is, let’s face it, not an essential service.

Hopefully council will respect our wishes and not force this issue.

Peter Snowden