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Airports need better COVID-19 protocols

Dear Editor,

Why does Canada seem to be so lax in screening new arrivals from international flights at our airports?

I have seen and heard reports from many arrivals from many different countries claiming there are no checks in place at all after they disembark in Canada. One case in particular seems outrageous. A woman who was vacationing in Cuba, became ill while there. She felt that the airline would not let her on the plane to come back home. Wrong. No problem. She had a high fever, and wore a mask thankfully, but was on a plane full of others coming back to Canada. Her temperature at the time of arrival was 103 degrees. She knows this only because she took it herself. No one else did. No checks at all when she arrived. She claimed she could barely walk at that point, but nothing back here at all to help her and protect the rest of us.

She phoned Telehealth from home and waited about 14 hours for a return call from them and they told her to call emerg, which she did, and was told to self isolate, not come in. She still does not know what it was she had, but if it was COVID-19, she was among hundreds of people on that plane and at the airport.

After seeing and hearing about the protocols in place at many of the world’s airports, one has to wonder, does Canada know something the rest of the world does not, or do we just have to learn the hard way?

Trudeau seemed to think the budget would balance itself, which never happened of course. Maybe he has the same opinion towards this virus?

He may have a different opinion now that his own wife has tested positive? By the way, why did she get tested, but the woman who came back from Cuba never did? It seems that many celebrities are being tested lately, some positive, like Tom Hanks, and a few sports stars, but how many little people are receiving the same treatment? Just asking.

Russ Horner