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Do not obey in advance

November 18, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist While reading the book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, I came across a study that I had heard about years ago. This [...]

2020: The year of the home office

November 10, 2020

Lindsay Smith By Lindsay Smith/Columnist Over the past month I have had some intriguing conversations with several clients and business owners. Mike Sargeant works for AGM. [...]

From the White House to the Big House

November 10, 2020

Bill Foxl By Bill Fox/Columnist I have said for some time that Trump is desperate. He cannot possibly envision losing the power he now holds in the White House. His lies [...]

Elderly environmental prophet

November 4, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist David Attenborough is a 93-year-old environmentalist who has some startling and yet wonderful news in his recent Netflix film, A Life on Our [...]

Halloween isn’t the same

October 28, 2020

By Chris Jones/Column I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but Halloween sure has changed since I was a kid. I remember running through crowds of other costumed [...]
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