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Flattening the COVID-19 fear curve

March 25, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist Tired of hearing about flattening the curve of the coronavirus? I know many of us are in a state of anxiety and fear. My son, Brendan, a [...]

We have to remain optimistic

March 19, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist I mentioned a few weeks ago that, much to my surprise, my column had been read in Australia. That particular column was on hope. As a result, a [...]

Here’s a little hope

March 10, 2020

Bill Foxll By Bill Fox/Columnist The second of the 12 “spiritual principles” is hope. Years ago, the late Father Ermanno Bulfon said we should all strive to be [...]

Looking for a little honesty

March 3, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist In a recent column I mentioned the 12 spiritual principles which are a part of all major world religions. In future columns I will explore each [...]

Give these a penny for your thoughts

February 25, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist Sometimes I’m surprised at the extent of the influence of The Oshawa Express, and more personally about my columns. For example, last year I [...]

No cuts to music in our schools

February 18, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist Your son or daughter in high school will suffer because of the Ford government’s education cuts. In our Catholic school board this semester [...]

We are not out to pasture…but…

February 11, 2020

Bill Foxill By Bill Fox/Columnist Certainly when I was younger I stereotyped a lot of seniors, but now that I am a senior I want to clarify some things for younger [...]

Prophets of hope

February 4, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist The dictionary definition of a prophet is “a person who predicts future events in any way.” You may know that a prophet may also be [...]

700 columns and still so many questions

January 28, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist As we start a new decade, I sadly still don’t have the answers to so many questions – despite being on this earth for more than 70 years. [...]

What about the kids?

January 21, 2020

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist Recently I was reading about a teacher in Florida who was suspended for picking up a middle school student from his seat and depositing him [...]
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