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Here is the middle class struggle

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter dated Feb.19, “Reader wonders where the middle class struggle is?”

It appears the letter writer feels what he calls the “middle class” are rolling in clover, and the socialists have a right to pluck them clean of whatever they worked hard to achieve for many years. What may appear to be on the outside can be deceiving on the inside.

Many of the folks the writer speaks of are having a tough time keeping up appearances, as multiple tax increases keep shrinking their paychecks at the end of the month.

Many have lost their jobs due to government policies, and must somehow find a new way to pay the bills.

Many are forced to take care of the elderly in their families at home, because too few seniors homes are available for those who need them.

This can be very stressful when caregivers also must work outside the home to make ends meet.

It sounds like the writer is very jealous of what many others have, and whether it is paid for or not does not seem to matter to him.

Many homeowners treat the family home like an ATM and keep borrowing against it to enjoy holidays, new vehicles, or whatever pleases them. That is their business, and could be a risky venture whenever interest rates do go up and down in the future. Some will lose the homes and vehicles the writer sees and assumes means they are indeed “rich” and ripe for the picking.

As I said, looks can be very deceiving. We should never assume. Benny Hill taught us that years ago.

The letter writer feels he has the right to direct where these people should spend the money they worked and struggled for.

Apparently it should not go towards “Bobby’s music lessons or Sally’s braces,” but towards the children of someone of his choosing?

The people he speaks of already pay the brunt of all the taxes levied upon us, plus many donate millions to charities, all the while trying to keep a roof over their heads. But he thinks they should sell all their possessions, and give most of it away to people like him, who would like to be in charge of where it should be spent.

No thank you. That is not democracy, but people like Bernie Sanders in the USA presidential race would really approve.

Russ Horner