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Local Liberal candidate says Oshawa is ready for change

By Courtney Bachar

Afroza Hossain, Oshawa candidate for the Liberal Party, says she’s ready to be the voice for Oshawa citizens.

Hossain says she knows first-hand the struggles most people deal with each day.

“I connected my struggles with theirs,” she says.

Hossain says there are so many small causes that she cares about, which all builds upon the big one, “which is building a better Canada.”

“I am running so that we can have a country where there is more positivity than negativity,” she continues, adding she feels greatly about supporting those vulnerable and marginalized communities who don’t have a strong voice. “They’re just falling behind.”

However, Hossain says the Liberals are continuing to work for Canadians, especially through this pandemic, to make sure Canada can come out of COVID-19 stronger.

“It’s so important to be vaccinated,” she says. “It’s not just for me, it’s for my vulnerable senior citizen, it’s for someone with health issues, or for someone who can’t take the vaccine.”

Further, Hossain says small businesses need support now more than ever.

“But we are up to the challenge,” she says, noting the Liberals have announced rent subsidy, wage subsidy and small business grants.

Hossain says buying local is supporting local which will also help local businesses as Canada continues to move through the pandemic.

Locally, Hossain says Oshawa is looking for change.

She says Oshawa and Canadians need to think about “what is at stake” with this election and what the Liberals have done for Canadians over the past 18 months.

“We can build Canada in a better way where everyone can reach their potential.”