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Why not rainbow hydrants?

Dear Editor,

I really don’t get the whole rainbow crosswalk issue as a way to show support to the LGBTQ community at a cost of around $8,500 on average and then potentially more maintenance fees.

All these genders of different “stripes” can already use all of our crosswalks. Shouldn’t the money be better spent on fixing and repainting fading crosswalks in Oshawa? Three proposed crosswalks can cost up to $30,000 tops, obviously it can be better spent.

I think Oshawa is already quite tolerant. Why not rainbow paint all hydrants downtown, etc., by art students from the high schools, the university or the colleges, for the cost of the paint instead? Wiser, yes? No? Survey the taxpayers if you must, but offer the fire hydrant alternative.

R.M. Hues