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Teachers have a “monopoly”

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter writer of  “Teachers’ unions not to blame” in the Oshawa Express, Feb. 19/2020.

Your answer to my complaint about many of us not getting any raise in the last 10 years was a typical stock union-type answer. Join or form your own union to fight against the “rich” corporations to get your raise.

I got news for you. I have been a union member since I was 16 years old, and am now 74, but still no raise in the last 10 years. Yet I must pay the same price for my groceries as the well paid teachers do.

You see, I worked for a private corporation, you know one of those non-public types that must show a profit or go belly up and leave town. Many of those unemployed union members out west in the oil patch know what I mean, unlike the public sector organizations like the teachers’ unions who enjoy a monopoly on the education of our children, and take full advantage of the situation.

They’ve never been reasonable, even in the face of huge provincial deficits that we as taxpayers must address, in our case more than $1 billion a month in interest payments now, and rates will go up sometime. $1 billion a month could go a long way towards the long-term care of our seniors being cooped up taking a bed in our local hospitals, as there is no where else to go, waiting for a seniors’ home not built yet and that won’t be for years.

He speaks of only a one per cent raise I was quibbling over. He fails to mention the rest of the public services agreed to a one per cent raise across the board because of the perilous financial situation we find ourselves in due to 15 years of Liberal government spending under McGuinty and Wynne.

Yet the teachers unions want double that for teachers that make up to $90,000 per year now. Plus working only nine months per year, and having the option to work for 90 days per year back in the classroom after retiring. If it is such a terrible job to begin with, why on earth would any of them want to go back after retiring, and drawing a gold plated pension. This also hinders any younger teachers from getting a foot in the door after making the grade themselves.

So no, my friend, not every employer is a “rich corporation,” many have their backs to the wall, but still have to meet a growing payroll every week, and contend with some out of control union leaders that never give an inch, especially when they know they have a monopoly and have beleaguered taxpayers over a barrel. 

Russ Horner