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Local Rotarians are people of action

Devon and Linda Biddle have financially supported polio eradication efforts for many years

Devon and Linda Biddle of Oshawa administer polio vaccine drops to children in India in 2016.

Devon and Linda Biddle have been with Rotary for just over 40 years. Their two main passions are Polio Eradication and Water and Sanitation.

The Biddles’ interest in Water and Sanitation comes from Devon’s practice of Engineering in Oshawa at the firm he founded D.G. Biddle & Associates. Devon’s firm was involved in the design and construction of many infrastructure and land development projects in the Durham Region. Although Devon is now substantially retired, the firm continues to operate, with a staff of 47, located at 96 King Street East in Oshawa.

Devon and Linda know well from world travel that, in those countries where sewage is not properly treated and water is not always made safe to drink through purification, diseases including polio can be easily spread. In countries where polio has been eradicated, Rotary sponsors and participants in country-wide immunization of children.

Linda and Devon had financially supported Polio Eradication efforts over the years. Then in 2016 an opportunity arose for Devon and Linda and Dr. Kris Sachdeva to join 37 other Canadians, Americans and Australians on a trip to India for National Immunization Day.

“Nug (Mewat), Haryana was the village to which we were assigned” explained Linda. “Our team was made up of Kris, Devon, myself and a lovely Rotarian Marci Beatty from New Mexico. We were joined by local Rotarians, and each team was then assigned a vaccination station where the neighbourhood would bring all children under five to receive the two precious drops. Although the job was very serious business we still had fun with the children, taking and sharing photos.”

Devon shared, “When all was done, we were so proud to be part of immunizing 287,482 children during those two days in Mewat.”

Devon and Linda returned home safely and continue to support the projects of the Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood, in addition to their support of many other community organizations such as UOIT and Lakeridge Health.