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Lakeridge Health, Queen’s enhancing student training

Lakeridge Health has entered into a pilot partnership with Queen’s University aimed at deepening the relationship between physicians-in-training and the community.

The Queen’s Lakeridge Health-Durham Comprehensive Clerkship Program launched earlier this year.

The program allows third and fourth-year Queen’s medical students to work with physicians and other health care providers at Lakeridge Health, and family physicians at the Bowmanville Health Centre.

The students will focus on the care of patients over an extended period, which Lakeridge officials say will “help give these future health care professionals a longer-term view of individual care, which both benefits the persons receiving care, and the students’ learning.”

Matthew Anderson, president and CEO of Lakeridge Health, said the healthcare network is “proud to offer these talented young medical professionals a learning experience that is deeper and richer than the typical four-to-six week clerkship rotation.”

“This innovative medical education model will strengthen the health system’s capacity to meet community needs and help to build the future of health care in Durham Region.”

The first four students in the pilot project are Hassan Hazari, Siddarth Mishra, Joseph Yang and Gordon Yao, all undergraduate medical students at Queen’s University.

According to Lakeridge officials, the program expands on long-standing academic partnerships already in place with Queen’s.

Lakeridge currently has 460 staff who supervise approximately 2,000 trainees in areas such as medicine, nursing and midwifery each year.