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Canadian county star coming back to Oshawa

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Five-time Canadian Country Music Award male artist of the year Paul Brandt, is coming back to Oshawa.

Brandt is currently on tour with High Valley, Jess Moskaluke, and the Hunter Brothers.

“When you get to do it with friends, that’s really special,” says Brandt. “The people who are on this tour are all good friends of mine aside from just the music business. I look up to all of them as great business people and artists as well.”

Brandt thinks they’re going to have plenty of fun together, as they already got to perform together at last year’s Canadian Country Music Awards in Hamilton, and he’s looking forward to sharing that with their fans.

“All of these artists have really accomplished a lot,” he says. “Even the Hunter Brothers, just starting out in country music, their star is rising fast, and they’ve been performing music for years already. So, you really do get a sense that you have to get out there and live up to something and raise the bar. We all kind of push each other and sharpen each other out there, and I think there’s a lot of mutual respect.”

This isn’t Brandt’s first time coming to Oshawa.

“We’ve performed out in Oshawa before, and to get a chance to come back and say hi to everybody and hang out is really exciting for me,” says Brandt.

“When I’m on tour, I generally only go out only once every two, two-and-a-half years or so. We’ll do a few shows in between, some festivals and private shows and those kinds of things, but this is a special time for me. It’s a real celebration when I get to get out and go across the country,” says Brandt. “So we’re excited to be able to bring the show to Oshawa. It’s a lot of fun.”

Brandt says there’s a different personality in every place he goes, and that as he gets farther east, he finds audiences tend to be “extremely respectful and polite. They come to have a really good time, but you can tell people are listening. And are really taking the time to think through what is being said and what is being sung… there’s just a real attention to detail and I appreciate that.”

The tour begins in Abbotsford, British Columbia on Jan. 25, and goes cross-country in a month, making 22 stops along the way, including Calgary, Edmonton, Regina,  Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, and ends on Feb. 24 in Sudbury.

Brandt will be performing at the Tribute Communities Centre on Feb. 19.

With such a condensed tour schedule, Brandt says life can be pretty hectic on the road.

“I remember when I was starting in the music business, for the first three years we were doing about 180 shows per year, so we were traveling all over the world performing,” says Brandt. “So that is a lot, but you get to kind of take it all in.”

He notes that in Canada, because it is such a large landmass, making everything work from a business standpoint means “you really have to do as many shows as you can in as short of a period as possible. So it’s a really unique touring situation, and I like the challenge of it.”