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Why all the fuss over the Paris Accord?

Dear Editor,

Common sense would certainly dictate this action by any leader that actually cares for his citizens like President Trump seems to, and campaigned on doing what he just did.

The outrage is all about the American taxpayer money that will no longer fund most of these other countries “green energy” plans.

America will still be lowering pollution levels as they move forward with their economy, unlike many freeloaders that must wear masks when venturing outside in their cities.

America has been a sucker nation under Obama. Thankfully that era is over. If we Canadians  had any semblance of real leadership, which we do not, until at least 2019, we could join the prosperity wave that will “Make America Great Again”. Until that happens we will be having our pockets picked by unnecessary “carbon taxes” and job losses caused by them.

When this real estate bubble is history, we will be looking to the USA with envy again as they regain their place in the world of prosperity, and where hard work is recognized and rewarded, while we slowly become a banana republic where people are taxed to death to pay for unnecessary deficits that were caused by foolish leaders that throw tons of our tax money at wasteful scams that would have you believe they can alter the weather!

Russ Horner