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Minimum wage legislation disturbs the flow

Dear Editor,

Everyone online seems to be weighing in on the debate for or against a $15 minimum wage. Many arguments are valid and many only seem to be valid.

One thought is that the current $11.40 per hour is simply not enough for someone to get ahead in life. The other is that, if a business model can’t afford to pay $15, it deserves to fail anyway. I think the most important points to think about relate more to individual freedom than economics.

I recently made the decision to hire some help around the office and add a part-time administrative assistant. Someone to help with paperwork, phone calls and emails. I put an ad online and held some interviews. Once I found someone who I viewed as capable to fill the position, we signed as two willing parties to enter a contract at a certain wage.

How powerful have we made our government to be able to dictate what two willing parties decide to do with their time and with their capital? It is beyond comprehension for me.

We can pit right against left in debate for the rest of eternity but one can’t deny that with every wage control this government forces upon us, they are distorting the natural ebb and flow of both the labour market and of human nature.

Ultimately, if the Government of Ontario is deciding that my employee is worth more, they are also deciding that I am worth less. Thanks for the vote of confidence Kathleen.

Connor Amyot