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Weak borders and weak leaders hurting Canada

Dear editor,

As I watch the usual political talking heads spout the same meaningless nonsense as we in Canada suffer from another Islamic terrorist attack, this time in Edmonton, I fear for our country.

The “diversity is our strength” doesn’t do a damn thing for me as far as feeling secure in my own country. Two more women were stabbed to death in France the same day at a train station by ISIS members.

These murderers want to kill us all eventually, and they are slowly getting there, as we foolishly allow former murderers and rapists who joined ISIS and went overseas to do their dirty work in the name of religion, have now returned and walk our streets! Last count I heard was sixty that are now free as a bird on our streets, and we don’t know when the next attack will come from! Why are these terrorist killers not in jail?

England has thousands of these returning ISIS fighters walking the streets over there so I understand! There is not anywhere near the amount of police service personnel to keep tabs on these trained assassins twenty four seven, it is just impossible.

The left wing media and most politicians try to downplay events by using terms like “lone wolf” attacks. Does it really matter who kills us whether they acted alone, or in concert with others of the same mindset? You are still dead, and this is beginning to feel more and more like we are the fish in the barrel!

We are our own worst enemy as we even reward some convicted terrorists, and allow many others free rein to wonder our streets. At the same time our government will challenge our own soldiers in court, for the proper benefits, that have been maimed overseas fighting this trash.

As the bodies pile up, and lives are ruined, progressives still are adamant that “climate change” is our biggest threat to our survival! Bull crap!  We have always had climate change from the day the earth was formed, always have, always will. What we have not always had threatening our very existence in our own country is hordes of maniacs biding their time to spring into action at any time to kill or maim as many of us as they can, either in groups, or “lone wolf” acts.

This can only worsen with weak borders and weak leaders, which we now have both.

Hello, wake up Canada!

Russ Horner