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Battling for fairness with phone companies

Dear Editor,

When I started with Fido, I brought my own phone. I was paying $65 per month, which was great . They reopened the store on Sept 29th 2016. Fido had a promotion. If you bring us your old phone you will get a credit for $150 So, I signed up. The Fido store at the Oshawa Centre did not explain that I had to wait for some months to get the credit, I thought it would be on my first bill.

My first bill was approx $300. I said that I thought I will be getting my credit on my first bill, the store said no, you would have to wait . It was too late to cancel the contract.

If I would have known that, I would not had signed up. I had gotten my credit in Jan 2017, that is four months after when I signed up, from then on I am behind on my monthly bill. From the day I signed up until now, I am getting bills over $300, not once my bill is what I signed up for.

I refuse to pay $300 month. I am on ODSP and who in there right mind would pay $300 a month for a phone?

I chatted with a costumer service on Friday, Oct. 13th 2017 and she kept disagreeing with me that Fido’s calculations was right .My monthly bill should be $113 a month, but I also have a tablet, which I don’t use data, I use wifi at home and when I take my tablet out I put it on Airplane mode so I won’t use data and I did pay for my tablet in full, but the company is still charging me $16.month.

I don’t want to lose you (Fido) has my carrier, but I would have no choice. The costumer service person was not a nice person. If the miscommunication did not happen at the beginning, I would not be behind so much. Like I said, I refuse to pay this amount . I pay approx $200 a month and for Fido that is not good enough.

I am not going to call credit services to make a payment arrangement. I’m only going to pay my monthly bill of what I signed up for, which is $113.


Arnaldo Beni