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We need to stop glorifying criminals

Dear editor,

I am so glad your paper did not glorify the disgusting excuse of human vermin that is Adam Strong, as the newsmaker of the year, and thereby put the families of two victims through unnecessary anguish at this festive time of year, which another local publication decided was a wise, empathetic thing to do.

How the pending GM situation could not be the 2018 story of the year is inconceivable.

Thanks for your prudent thought process in recognizing the priorities of sensitivity.

We must stop glorifying the twisted agenda of both accused and convicted killers. They don’t sell papers or increase readership. It breeds heartache in fact, and backs up the toilet of disgusting memories.

I believe in regards to the 1980 end of year assassination of John Lennon in New York City (by another whack job) caused all New York City tabloids to band en masse to not mention Lennon’s killer’s name for decades hence forth.

Nutcases need to be crushed in the discard pile of time.

R. Hues