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A Trump fan through and through

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my appreciation to The Oshawa Express and to its wise Editor for posting such a truthful letter regarding Mr. Donald Trump in the Jan. 9, 2019 edition. There is far too much hate in Canada toward Mr. Trump. The mainstream media, newspapers and television, are far too critical of this great man. If Canada had such a man we could become great again also.
We have, for too long, had too many politicians with no courage or wisdom. I cannot remember a single Prime Minister that did as much for our country as he has done for America in just two years. He is putting America on the national map again in spite of the sickening opposition.

I am a senior with children and a grandchild, and to see the debt my children will have to pay is depressing. How many of our young people are suffering economical decline while our Prime Minister gives this country away to economical immigrants.

Again – thank you for the fairness of your worldly paper.

Gordon Tooley