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Tuition fee cuts won’t do any good

Dear Editor,

Who voted for Doug Ford? This is a great mystery to me and many others if we are to believe the news. I heard on the news the other day that 90 per cent of the people of this province think that he is doing a terrible job.

The cuts in post-secondary school tuition do not mean a thing when everything else is fast on the rise. Mr Ford does not even know what it is like to have nothing. I do.

Mr. Ford grew up with a mostly silver spoon in his mouth and has absolutely no empathy for real people because of this. Sure, Mr. Ford or any Premier for that matter can find $6 billion in savings but because Mr. Ford is cutting other resources that people need.

If anyone can think of a reason to get rid of Mr. Ford right away please let us know. I do not know how we will survive the next four years but somehow we will.

Ron Horner