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A call to Canadians on the right to unite

Dear Editor,

Canadians…Here’s a challenge question for every liberty-minded Canadian that is worthy of consideration.

How can every small business owner in Canada be encouraged to organize politically (just as unions do)  in order to elect a Conservative majority government?

Why is this a worthwhile objective? Only Conservatives want much less government to increase liberty.
The sole purpose of a Conservative government would be to defend and protect individual persons (their mind, body and efforts) and their property from intentional and unwanted harm and aggression imposed by others including those employed by the state or associated with any “collective” and politically powerful organization such as a church, cartel or union.

Modern politics is all about ‘big government’ politicians vote-pandering to politically powerful special interest groups such as Unifor (and other labour unions), the dairy cartel and the supporters of Muslim asylum seekers who are sure to become lifelong Liberal loyalists because Trudeau has been so generous to them with Canadian tax money.

It’s time to “fight fire with fire”.
It is urgent that every small business owner join and actively support a politically-influential, pro-liberty “collective” such as the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses) or the CTF (Canadian Taxpayers Federation), and organize a political push behind the Conservative federal and provincial parties.

If we fail to do this, history will continue to repeat itself: our liberty-minded small business capitalists will forever lose the battles and the war of special interest group politics.
Want proof?
Just look at the history of government growth in Canada since the era of Trudeau Senior – that’s all the proof you will ever need in a report from the Fraser Institute.

While you are reviewing this report, think about our nation’s future.

Steven Kaszab