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Time to be tougher on criminals

Dear Editor,

Amazing, how after all the press clippings in the past year or more about thousands of Canadians dropping in their tracks after consuming street drugs that contained minute grams of Fentanyl, the press today is bent out of shape because of some Canadian big time drug dealer associate, convicted of attempting to smuggle hundreds of kilos of crystal meth from China to Australia, is now facing the death penalty over there.

Most of the Fentanyl apparently is coming in from China, because of people like him it seems, who have no regard for human life, until they get caught and their life is now in jeopardy.

I feel very bad for his family of course, but anybody that does what he was convicted of in a foreign country, especially a communist country that has the death penalty applied frequently, is a greedy fool.

On one hand I hope that he is able to default back to the original 15 year sentence over there, but please do not attempt to bring him back here to serve out his sentence.

We seem to have a habit of talking tough on crime here, but then often down the road, we find out many of these sleazebags game the weak system we have in place here, and end up in a minimum security, or even a “healing” lodge, living better than one-third of our honest population does on the outside.

No, keep him there, just like many of our NATO troops that were captured in Korea during the conflict then. Their only crime was fighting for freedom for South Korea, not smuggling deadly drugs. One less drug dealer here is a good thing.

Russ Horner