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Reader supports boycott of GM

Dear Editor,

I recently sent a letter to General Motors of Canada and to CEO Mary Barra with regards to my feelings on GM’s decision to close the Oshawa assembly plant.

Not unsurprisingly, I received no reply. I now feel the only option left to us is a campaign to encourage fellow Ontarians and Canadians to join me in boycotting General Motors
products manufactured in third world countries such as Mexico.
This campaign is timely as I now see Unifor has asked Canadians to undertake the same protest that I have been encouraging Ontarians and Canadians to undertake.
I am not a GM employee; I know not one person from the Oshawa plant and have no relationship with anyone at GM or in the union. I am simply a concerned Canadian (and long-time GM customer) that isn’t going to take stuff like this anymore.

I am not only concerned with the effect this closure will have on Ontarians and all the
related jobs that go with this type of closing, I am also deeply worried for our U.S. neighbours who will also be losing their jobs at the plants that are closing there.
The Canadian and American economies were built on the ideal of manufacturing a product here, hiring the workers here, and paying them a good wage so they could buy the products that they were producing.
It kept our countries strong, made us a model for the world, provided a good life for people and also provided future generations an opportunity to improve their lives and it would continue on like that for generations. It has now devolved into what we are seeing and what has been happening since we got involved in trade deals with third world countries like Mexico and China.
But these facts don’t seem to matter to GM. This company and many others seem to feel that it is okay to steal people’s jobs and lives out from under their feet. They really couldn’t care less about the cities and towns throughout Canada and the United States that are hurt when they leave.

It is more important to them to make those vehicles in a third world country where they can pay the workers low, low wages and pocket more and more profits.
I ask you all to think about this. Think to yourself, when GM recently moved the Terrain, Silverado, and Sierra down to Mexico, did they drop the price at all up here to you, the Canadian consumer, to reflect the savings they made on the move? No they certainly did not. They pocketed the profits. Did they raise the standard of living for Mexicans? No, they pocketed the profits. They will continue to act in this manner in the future.

GM has said any boycott will threaten Canadian companies that supply parts that they ship to Mexico. Well in the end does that really matter? We know GM will continue to close
Canadian plants and move operations to Mexico if we stand by and do nothing. It’s what they have been doing since Mexico entered the free trade deal with Canada and the U.S.
But I get it. It’s a private company; GM can do with it what they want. They can make their cars anywhere they want in the world and they can try to sell them wherever they want as well.

But not to me anymore. For me this was the final straw. I will not buy any more GM
vehicles unless they keep the Oshawa plant open and in the future look to move production out of Mexico and back into Canada and the United States. These are the two countries and people that gave birth to GM as a company. We bailed them out with money and support in recent times and yet they continually turn their back on us.
I feel it’s time to turn our backs on GM. I say to General Motors go make your cars in Mexico and sell them to the Mexicans…..wait you can’t, you don’t pay them enough. The only cars I will buy will be made in Canada or the United States and I am going to encourage everyone I know to do the same.
I ask you my fellow Ontarians and Canadians….please do your research. When you are shopping for a car or truck search the internet to find out where it’s made, ask the dealer for proof of where it’s manufactured. Boycott any vehicle made in Mexico or another
third world country, not just from GM, but any car manufacturing company.

I know you love your big Sierras and Silverados, but we have to do something to get these companies attention or you know they will continue to close plants here and move to cheaper third world countries.

This type of corporate greed hurts us all. GM has said it “doesn’t have a viable business case to keep the Oshawa plant open”.

Well, we don’t have a viable business case to buy any more GM products unless they’re made in Canada.

Karl Vanderzwart