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Ridgeback rowing in support of mental health

Growing a moustache and asking for donations online is the usual way to fundraise during Movember, but rower Brad Semenick is taking it a step further.
The varsity rower is a member of the UOIT Ridgebacks Movember team, and has decided to use his sport as a way to fundraise. Semenick will row a “marathon” on Thursday, Nov. 22.
Using the erg machine, he will row 42.195 km starting at 1 p.m. in the atrium of the Campus Recreation & Wellness Centre. Members of the community are encouraged to stop by and support Semenick as he will not be taking a break until he completes the marathon distance.
Donations will be collected as he rows.
“I’m rowing a marathon for the Movember fundraiser because I believe that there are way more men who are suffering from mental illness than who will admit it,” says Semenick. “As men we think we’re expected to ‘tough it out’ if something is going on in our lives and stigma surround mental health only makes it more difficult.”
The Movember awareness initiative aimed at men’s mental health and raising funds for prostate cancer research encourages participants to grow a moustache in the month of November as a way to raise awareness and promote that they are collecting funds towards the Movember Foundation.
As of Nov. 15, the UOIT Ridgebacks team had raised just over $300 of their $2,000 goal.
“I hope that by doing this marathon I will not only get closer to my fundraising goal, but also show people that I believe we can prevent men from dying young if we work together,” says Semenick.