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Reader shocked by elevator regulations

Dear Editor,

My 75-year-old husband and puppy dog were stuck in our apartment building elevator for one-and-a-half hours, and because he is a insulin dependent diabetic and the heat was getting to him.

Our superintendent called the fire department to get the doors released when we were told the elevator technician would take 45 minutes to arrive. Six firemen and two EMS personnel arrived. Yet they couldn’t help us.
I was told by the fireman, protocol had changed and they could only open the doors if fire was present, even though my husband was on the first floor and there was no threat of the elevator dropping any further.

They and the EMS had to stand around until the elevator technician finally arrived 65 minutes later. Because they were called to the scene, they couldn’t leave till my husband was set free.
My question is everyone aware of the change in protocol? And is this a good use of city personnel? That call to 911 would have never been made if we knew that the change had been put in place.

I’m just shaking my head and wondering what if the scenario had of been different. Like a heart attack victim on a gurney with two EMS stuck for 65 minutes in that elevator, yup even they would have had to wait for the elevator tech.

Shirley Spicer