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Ontarians being left behind by WISB

Dear Editor,

Many citizens are being left behind

The Ontario compensation system is fully funded and asset rich. Employers have received significant WSIB premium reductions.

Yet, the system has denied access or limited access to adequate medical treatment, income protection, and/or re-employment assistance to many citizens injured or made ill at work.

These citizens are forced to seek assistance elsewhere. Costs normally borne by the compensation system are being off loaded on to publicly and privately funded programs, transferring the costs to the taxpayer instead of employers.

Many Ontario groups are aware of this issue.

They include WSIB-contracted medical professionals, the medical community, employers, government agencies, politicians, human rights commissions, injured worker groups, insurance companies, legal firms, labour organizations, charitable organizations, and the media.

Collectively, these groups should be calling for compensation system reforms that provide adequate protection to these vulnerable citizens.

Ontario, let’s not leave these people behind.

Phil Hames