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OLG becoming a “wasted opportunity”

Dear Editor,

Seems like the OLG is up to its old tricks again.

Increasing the odds of winning, by adding another number, and now having two draws a week instead of one for the Lotto Max draw.

Years ago they changed the Lottario draw by increasing the amount of numbers from 39 to 45.

Then they changed the 649 draw by offering it twice a week, and increasing the price.

They appear to be more greedy than the gamblers forking over more and more money in an attempt to win.

Lotto Max just lost me in the process and I dropped 649 some time ago for the same reasons.

I will stick with the Lottario for a while longer, only because of having better odds than the other two, even after adding the extra numbers, but I would not be surprised to see them alter that again if there are too many winners in the present form.

No wonder they call it a sucker tax.

At least in the old days before the government got into the picture, there was always a winner every draw with draws like the Oshawa Legion, or the Bellville Yardmen. I know because I won it once, way back in February 1978. They never said, like the government run draws have often, “no winner,” buy more tickets next time suckers.

The money earned back then by these organizations with their monthly draws probably did a lot more good for society than all the billions being raked in by the government- run OLG. We still have huge deficits in government and still seeing more and more tickets being offered to the public.

The money appears to go down a black hole, never to be seen again.

What a wasted opportunity.

Russ Horner