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Reader says Durham’s transit services needs to improve

Dear Editor,

I have been writing letters to the editor for more than 20 years and it does get a lot of frustration out of a person’s system.

Most of the time nothing is done about the things I write about, but it pleases me to no end when I find out that my letter may have been of some benefit.

Today I am writing a letter about our transit system and that of Toronto. Toronto has a massive transit and it even has a subway.

Our transit system only has buses and it costs 65 cents more to board our transit (woefully inadequate) system than it does to board the transit system of Toronto. I find this very unfair.

The reason is that our transit system is only marginally better than the system in Toronto and it has a subway system. Our transit system buses arrive at their bus stops either five minutes before or five minutes after the schedule says.

Riders I’ve spoken with in Durham say that the bus drivers often make up their own schedules as long as they arrive or depart near their arrival time. Nepotism is also rampant throughout the Durham Transit system.

Drivers that have adult children in school often have their children work in the summertime because the money is very good (benefits as well). How do I know this?

A lot of the drivers talk and their children as well. This is  wrong only if the transit system favours the adult children.

In conclusion in Durham Region, if you do not have a car then you are out of luck. If you have several things to do in one day you can usually do only one or two things if you take the bus. This can be very frustrating for a person that has several things to do in one day.

Ron Horner