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Trudeau only has eyes for Quebec

Dear Editor,

Recent events have shown The Liberal Party of Canada under “Sunny Ways” Trudeau is just as corrupt as they were when the sponsorship scandal took place, and they were relegated to third place at election time because of it. They have obviously not learned the lesson.

Hopefully, a repeat will take place again in October this year.

The only member of The Liberal Party with any integrity at all, seems to be the ex-Attorney General, Judy Wilson Raybould.

Kudos to her for standing her ground and be unwilling to cow tow to the Prime Minister’s office in a shady deal to protect SNC-Lavelin from prosecution, and therefore not being able to bid on government contracts for 10 years.

This also shows how little Trudeau really cares about any working people outside of Quebec.

He did zip for the tens of thousands of energy workers out west who lost their livelihood thanks to the ridiculous Liberal policies concerning energy (buying a 65-year-old pipeline does not count, as it was never a money problem, and the new section will never be built anyway), and he also did zip for the autoworkers in Oshawa, and all the feeder plants that employ thousands also, even after his fair-weather friend Jerry Dias, ran running to see him after General Motors dropped the bombshell news in November.

But when it comes to workers from his home province, Quebec, he is even willing to change the rules in an omnibus bill to protect their corrupt employer from prosecution, to save their jobs down there, and even attempt to convince his Attorney General to force the issue with the Justice department.

He made one big mistake in this game plan, as Judy has integrity it seems, which he does not.

Trudeau only has eyes for Quebec, Bombardier, SNC-Lavelin, and any other Quebec based corporation is all he really cares about.

They are the big Liberal party pals who donate heavily to them.

That is where his true loyalty lies, not to the rest of Canada. Not at all.

Time to drain the swamp up here too!

He has to go!

Russ Horner