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Promises haven’t been kept

Dear Editor,

“Not a single person will lose their jobs, only frontline workers will retain their jobs.”

These and many more promises were made to the people of Ontario by the present administration. I am sure there are liberals who voted for the Ontario Liberal Party for 20 years, 30 years and even 40 years.

I am quite sure that a lot of those liberals voted for Mr. Ford because they were assured that no jobs would be lost. Why not vote Conservative since we will not lose our jobs.

There are lifelong liberals who voted for a Conservative government that are now kicking themselves due to the lack of promises kept and a lot of them will probably lose their jobs.

Anybody has to be better than Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals – at least with them you knew not to believe them. Anybody but Kathleen Wynne!

I hope everybody that voted Conservative is really proud of themselves and their dwindling bank accounts.

Doug Ford recently stated that his government was literally pouring money into solving the autism problem. He even stated that his government alone has put more money into autism treatment than all of the governments before him.

Mr. Ford said that he listened to the experts and he would listen to experts all over the place.

How many experts would say that caring for a child with autism is only going to cost $5,000.

Not many that I know. And if his government is really pouring all of that money into autism funding then why are teachers losing their jobs?

In conclusion liberals and conservatives should stay in their own corners because they might get where we are today.

Ron Horner