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Councillor should issue apology

Dear Editor,

Ward 4 city councillor Derek Giberson recently made a statement on social media that came off as condescending and disrespectful to the opinions of those that may disagree with him.

His statement reads:

“Tomorrow night Oshawa city council will be considering a rainbow crosswalk, which not everyone is happy to see tax dollars paying for. It works out to six cents or less per resident. If anyone is feeling personally overburdened by the amount this will cost you, let me know and I’ll start a benevolent fund to gather donations to help you survive during these dark, dark times here in the City of Oshawa.”

Maybe some taxpayers would like to see the money spent in a better way? Or maybe some would just rather see other alternatives.

Is there something wrong with worrying about taxpayer dollars? Attacking people who disagree with him in such a condescending way is not very statesman-like of him.

He should retract his comment and issue a formal apology to the residents of Oshawa.

Domenic Dawson