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Keep dogs cool this summer

Summer is now in full swing, which means dog owners are going to bring their pets with them on trips.

While this is a fun way to bond with a pet, remember to never leave them alone in the car, as this is dangerous and could result in their death, even if only left in a vehicle for a few minutes.

It is a fairly common sight, as people will often not think twice about leaving their dog alone in their vehicle.

On a day that is 21 degrees Celsius, it only takes half an hour for a car’s interior to heat up to 40 degrees Celsius. That’s uncomfortable for a person, let alone an animal.

Now, imagine how quick that is on a day when it is 30 degrees or higher.

According to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a dog has a limited ability to sweat, and an internal body temperature of around 39 degrees.

A temperature of 41 degrees can be withstood for a short period of time before permanent brain damage, and or even death.

Even on relatively mild days in the shade with the windows down, it is still dangerous for dogs to be left alone in the car.

The OSPCA says even if you leave your dog alone in the car with the air conditioning on, it’s still a risk as there is always a chance the air conditioner could break down.

However, for those who find a dog unattended in a hot car, remember, it is illegal in Ontario to break the window, and doing so could possibly lead to a criminal charge.

Instead, the OSPCA encourages residents to call them or the police, and they will send an officer to deal with the matter.

Before bringing a pet along for a ride, people should ask themselves, “Do I need to stop anywhere I can’t bring my dog?”

Plan the route, and make sure they never get left alone in the car.