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No changes on transit opinions

Dear Editor,

Re: “Reader restates transit position” The Oshawa Express, Jan. 22, 2020

Mr. Clabby, I know I didn’t misread your letter you clearly stated that you applaud the idea of free transit. I just stated nothing is free and someone is paying for the service.

We hear Durham Transit saying “kids ride for free,” but that’s a line of nonsense.

Secondly, you say you live in Oshawa. But you don’t say if you’re a homeowner? As a homeowner here in Oshawa (and lifelong resident), may I remind you Oshawa had its own transit system. Since the region took over transit, it’s been a money pit for homeowners.

The argument about people in small town and rural areas deserving the same value for tax dollars is what has caused high taxes and runaway costs. The majority of people who live in rural areas will never use public transit period and move there for the lifestyle.

You say ridership will increase over time? In my lifetime you will never see buses full of paying patrons coming down from the northern parts of the region.

You seem to think it’s your tax dollars that pay for roads that I drive on and not my tax dollars. What I have stated is “homeowners and car drivers shouldn’t have to fund public transit.” Let the user pay.

In your earlier letters, you again pick the pockets of drivers by saying the province should give the region a third of the tolls collected on highways.

I said create a GTA transit system and not this patchwork system we have now. Fund from the user fees and the OLG exclusively. 

Carl Starr