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Teachers in a tough situation

Dear Editor,

I do not think all Canadians exactly know the predicament Ontario teachers unions are facing, or what a quandary they find themselves in.

The Ford government is only offering a one per cent raise over the length of the next contract.

It really bothers me when conservatives are saying the teachers should just take it and suck it up. Do you think there aren’t any conservative teachers in all of Canada? I do not see or hear any of those teachers saying they would be willing to take the province’s offer, as they are on strike as well and as much as their colleagues.

Now the media is putting forth the question of whether the government will legislate the teachers back to work.

Most conservatives go right along with their unions and would not like it if they were being offered only a one per cent raise. They are saying to take what is offered and they would not do it themselves.

I am just putting my opinion out there whether you agree with me or not.

Ron Horner