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Tale of the tortoise and the hare

Dear Editor,

Around the new year, I always wonder about this chronic yearly “riddle of the road.”

Why do I always see (almost always) male individuals speed up and down “straightaway” streets (like Park Road South, Bloor Street., or some stretches of Oxford and Glen streets) to just have to brake at a red light? Is it so that they can test their brakes or just burn them out? Or maybe they have a friend in the brake repair business?

When I catch up to said speeders at the red light (the proverbial tortoise and the “hare-brain” racer), I do notice one thing.

When there’s a police car driving in the same direction, it’s always amazing that the speed violators have no guts to drive with the same lead foot. Isn’t that just a no-brainer, which I guess is the base root problem we are talking about here.

R.M. Hues