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MP vows to continue pressure on Liberals

Oshawa MP Colin Carrie says he will continue his push to learn about the Liberal government’s plans to help workers at the city’s GM assembly plant.

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa MP Colin Carrie says he’s going to keep the pressure on the government until he hears what the plan is to help the city’s GM workers.

Carrie told The Oshawa Express he was very disappointed the Liberal government did not support two motions regarding Canada’s auto industry this week.

One, brought forward by the local MP, requested the International Trade Committee perform a study concerning the automotive industry in Canada and detail plans to protect the industry in the future, as well as Canada’s global business competitiveness.

Fellow Conservative MP Dan Albas called upon the Standing Committee for Innovation, Science and Technology to investigate the impacts of the closure of the General Motors plant in Oshawa and its impact on the wider economy and community of Ontario. That motion always failed to drum up enough support to move forward.

However, Carrie says the Conservatives will continue to explore other ways to get answers from the federal government.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has a plan to support affected workers, and I’d like to see it before Christmas,” Carrie states.

Carrie says he is worried about the auto sector in Canada.

“This could be the first of many, and it could get bad real quick,” he says.