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Love over hate

Dear Editor,

On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order blocking immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, and banning Syrian refugees from entering the country. One of the primary drivers of the decision was protecting America from attacks such as 9/11.
It was interesting to note that of the seven countries listed in the ban, none of them actually were engaged in 9/11. The overwhelming majority of foreign terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, which doesn’t happen to be on the list. Perhaps because it’s one of Trump’s business partners?
President Trump is continuing to create a divide amongst the citizens of America and, as a result, we find increasing civil distress. The violence is also starting to cross borders up north to Canada with the recent shootings at the Quebec Mosque.
We must work together to overcome the hate rhetoric perpetrated by President Trump and prove that love overpowers hate.

Jariullah Adnan