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Go back in time to the era of Sinatra

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Head back to a cooler, smoother time with Matt Dusk as he brings the stylings of Frank Sinatra back to life at the Regent Theatre.

Dusk will be hitting the stage at the Regent on Sunday, Nov. 24 at 8 p.m., as he tours from Las Vegas to Canada, with a final stop in Poznan, Poland.

The Canadian crooner explains he was influenced by Sinatra at a very young age.

“As a kid growing up, I used to listen to a lot of that music, and I became enamoured with the romanticism of the past,” he explains. “Being a teenage boy, seeing this guy on stage with really well pressed suits, tuxedos, drinking, having fun, it was a way to have an adult figure to look up to who was having a great time.”

Dusk says he’s been performing Sinatra’s songs for the past 24 years, since he was 16-years-old.

“What I’ve noticed, is now that I’m 40, a lot of people under 30 have no idea who Frank is,” he notes. “My goal in this, in all this stuff, because I’m younger and I’m singing it on stage, hopefully they’ll find out who this guy was, and go and hear the many many albums, and the many many songs of the post-World War II American era, which was very defining.”

The singer explains the show is a “time capsule.”

“It takes you back in time,” he explains. “So, for people who have heard this music before, so much of what we do as musicians, we have anchors, and our memories in songs. So, for people who have heard these songs before, we want them to go back to that moment where they first heard that music.”

He says for the young people who haven’t heard it before, he hope it takes them to a bygone era which he believes they can romanticize.

“The show is very much energetic, we get the audience singing, it’s a high energy, fun-packed show,” he says.

Dusk has been to Oshawa before, noting he’s played at the Regent Theatre before to a sold out crowd.

“We find the crowds there very rambunctious, which is awesome,” he says. “They’re very energetic, which for us as performers, it just makes out job way easier.”

Tickets for the show are selling out fast, and can be purchased at for $45.

“When people come, make sure you have a couple drinks beforehand, go out for dinner, and try not to look at your watch. We want to escape you to a time when there weren’t cell phones, and it’s more being in the moment and enjoying every minute of it,” says Dusk.