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Don’t look to science for answers

Dear Editor,

The forthcoming mission won’t find life on Mars or anywhere in the solar system; no bacteria, no single cell. Modern micro-biology shows, due to its complexity, to be virtually impossible for life to arise by chance. Scientists can’t explain how life arose from non-life, or been able to create life from non-life. They say give them time and they’ll have an answer. We’re expected to accept it by faith.

Scientists can’t explain how the universe arose from nothing, what caused the big bang or where all matter and energy came from. We’ve never seen anything arise from nothing or been able to produce anything from nothing. They can’t explain how the universe, and everything in it, arranges itself in an orderly fashion, from galaxies right down to atoms and molecules. They say give them time and they’ll find an answer. We’re expected to accept it by faith.

Carl Sagan says the cosmos is all that is, was or ever will be. For that to be a scientific fact, one making the assertion would’ve needed to be there from beginning of time and there at the end. He’d need to be present everywhere in the universe at the same time and know all there is to know. Sounds like God.

SETI is futile search for intelligent life. It’d take four years to receive a signal from the nearest star and 10,000 years from a star 10,000 light-years away. And that many years to receive signals from us. We don’t know what’s happening there right now.

We can’t prove God’s existence by scientific means. Nor can we prove our existence comes through natural means. Both require steps of faith. Latest scientific discoveries lean heavily to intelligent design. Read “The Case for a Creator”. Sadly, naturalists have the largest megaphone. They don’t want to believe in a creator. The idea is repugnant to them.

Joe Prochazka