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Praying for a cure to cancer

Dear Editor,

For the last month I have been watching the Ellen show and Ulta has been donating money every single day for the last month to fight and research breast cancer. Do not get me wrong, I believe in cancer research and hopefully a cure.

I am constantly thinking what if a cure for cancer was found and no one had to suffer any more that would be great wouldn’t it? I think that it would be great because my mother had breast cancer and her left breast was removed. She also died of bone cancer and that lasted for three years before she was finally taken. If a cure was found then I would still have my mother.

I also had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the year 2000 and after six months of chemotherapy and losing my hair I was cured and have had no problems since. So, you see, I have had some experience with cancer.

Where is this letter going? If a cure was found for all cancers it would be wonderful but what would happen to all of the facilities that have been built to research cancer and even more, what would happen to all of the doctors and nurses that give their entire lives for cancer care and pure research? I can’t be the only person that has these thoughts?  A cure for cancer would relieve a lot of suffering and help a lot of people, but the millions of people that are involved with cancer must be thought of as well.

Ron Horner