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Dispose of your gloves properly

Dear editor,

Regular nitrile gloves (blue/clear) take 200 years to degrade, and are cheap to buy. So, when they are discarded on the ground like used “condoms,” it’s not being remotely eco-friendly.

There is, however, a great alternative – a multiple-use, reversible black glove called “Green Monkey” by the Watson Co. These tough “border security grade” gloves degrade in eight to 10 years, but cost approximately $1.00 per pair at 7-Eleven stores. These also bio-organically degrade in about one year to 75 per cent of the glove!

Just thought I would share this environmental tip in these COVID times, because it all helps the final equations of earth-friendly achievement.

Just please dispose of all nitrile gloves in proper receptacles in plazas and at home, and let us continue to be strong, safe and well.

R.M. Hues